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Small Business Consulting Resources

"Coaching is effective for executives who can say, 'I want to get over there, but I'm not sure how to do it."
–James Hunt

Business Improvement Video

Social Media

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Sue's 5-minute articles from the newsletter "Resilient Responder" give tips to improve your business processes for greater success.

→ How to deliver what your customer really wants

→ New ideas start here

→ What do say when you hear Do you have a minute

→ Increased Confidence can be yours

→ Training done well

→ Strategies show why you are unique

→ Past is Prologue

→ Validation and reliability are crucial

→ Team Refocus: 4 steps to take today

→ Networking know-hows - You can do this!

→ Action steps check point

→ Advisory Boards are crucial

→ Accountability rests with you

→ 2010 Planning - Go!

→ 2010 Planning - Set!

→ 2010 Planning - Ready!

→ Attitude says it all

Presentation Topics:

“Attitude, Schmattitude. Get Out of My Face!” (30 min.)

“Creating Customer Loyalty in a Social Media World” (60 min. segments)

“Developing a Sustainable Business in a Strange Economy” (60 min. segments)

“Group DISC: Assessing the Natural Talents of a Group” (60 min. segments)