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"Leadership: The art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it."
–Dwight D. Eisenhower

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Frequently Asked Questions About The Barr Associates

Are you small business consultants?
Are you a training company?
So, are you subject matter experts?
Will you tell us what to do?
What if we don't have a clear direction for growth?
What does this cost?
We're just a small company. How can you help us?
I'm an individual. How can you help me?  

Q: Are you small business consultants?
While we do consult with small businesses, The Barr Associates is unique because we are Certified Business Coaches. Generally, a consultant will tell you what you should be doing. Too often, consultations end with plans or systems will end up gathering dust on a shelf.
As business coaches, The Barr Associates gives you practical and actionable steps to help you find your own unique answers. We help you create your own success! We do that by working with you and your staff to develop personal and organizational goals. Ultimately, our work is about improving your bottom line results.

Q: Are you a training company?
No, we are business coaches specializing in human capital management. 90% of training focuses on skills and knowledge, but 90% of all failures happen because of attitudes and habits. The Barr Associates helps develop effective attitudes and habits among employees. The attitude and goal-based development portions of our processes have impacted the lives of thousands of participants. We provide a results-oriented experience unlike anything that you have encountered before.

Q: So, are you subject matter experts?
You betcha. When it comes to coaching in strategic marketing, strategic business planning, global business development, manufacturing and certain technologies, we are.

Q: Will you tell us what to do?
We could, but why would we? Your results will be better if we ask the questions which lead you and your people to your own conclusions. Our job is to guide your way to reaching those conclusions. We do that through careful business analysis and improvement of your human capital management techniques.